Uber for Truck -Trucknetic

Uber for Truck -Trucknetic

As the world becomes better connected, availing of all kinds of services at our doorsteps has become much more convenient. Uber, which launched in 2010, has dramatically transformed the taxi industry. Now, everyone can move around when they want from a number of cabs available around their area.

Trucknetic is another startup that has cracked the Uber-like model in trucking. They are a logistics company that is revolutionizing how people move freight and are taking the hassle out of moving freight by taking the processes digitally.

This blog will throw insight into how Trucknetic seamlessly connects shippers with carriers, with the best rates and in the least amount of time.

How Trucknetic Came Into Being?

Being in the trucking space for the past seven years, we noticed an unsettling trend of severe logistical inefficiencies in the sector. Trucks had loads for the front movement but ran empty on their return movement. This resulted in the wastage of time, money, and effort.

Shippers lacked a one-stop solution to finding all kinds of trucks with minimal and hassle-free documentation. They often had to resort to brokers to find trucks resulting in inefficient and high logistics costs.

A one-stop and transparent platform was desperately needed in logistics and that is how Trucknetic was born.

Trucknetic: Redefining Trucking in India

Touted as “Uber” for trucks, Trucknetic is a tech-first startup redefining the freight industry by creating a unique marketplace connecting shippers and carriers for the front and return loads using AI-ML, analytics, and associated technologies.

The platform easily locates the best trucks, trailers, containers, Hyva, LCVs, and more for your commute, thanks to India’s first free online transport directory app. From household items to coal and electronics, find trucks to deliver everything pan India instantly. Get regular tracking updates, easy documentation, and insurance on your goods so you can stay rest assured and live worry-free.

Trucknetic’s Mission

Also known as the nation’s “lifeline” sector, the $150 billion behemoth logistics sector loses about $45 billion annually due to poor logistics efficiency and a fragmented market. Trucknetic is one of the eight selected startups by Microsoft for its AI innovation cohort. The tech giant is helping Trucknetic build a proof of concept for solving the return load problem and demand forecasting using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It will ultimately bring the cost of logistics in India down. Which currently stands at 14-18 percent of the GDP as an expense compared to 8-10 percent globally.

Finding a solution and enhancing system workflow are our objectives. Better resource management and reduced empty running would eventually result in lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. It entails eliminating brokers and transporters from the commercial center, supporting hardware proficiency, achieving zero waste on truck kilometers, improving contact by setting up a vehicle monitoring framework and digitizing the crucial desk work.

Trucknetic’s Achievements

The company is growing rapidly with a network of 10 lakh+ trucks, 2 lakh+ fleet owners already in the network, and north of 20,000 MSMEs pan India. It is transporting loads to over 10,000+ pin codes all over India. It has more than 100000+ downloads on the Trucknetic Carrier application and 150000+ downloads on the Trucknetic Shipper application and has moved nearly 100,000 metric tons of products.

The Trucknetic Shippers app and Trucknetic Carrier app offer:

  • Standardized platform providing access to customers
  • Visibility on a return load
  • Better asset utilization leads to enhanced revenue per truck per day
  • Expansion of operations across different lanes
  • No dependence on middlemen
  • Real-time tracking of their vehicles
  • Low-cost transit insurance
  • Interest-free financing

Patanjali, Action Tesa, Nuvoco, Ninjacart, Dehaat, Godrej, Pharmeasy and many other companies are among the many prestigious brands that Trucknetic serves as clients. For its diligent work and zealous vision, the company has received numerous honors and valuable awards, including the 10 Most Reliable Logistics and Supply Chain Brands for 2021, Top Placer Logistics 2021, Best Transporters, and Transporters Commercial Center Stage (APAC).

It is one of the few companies selected by Google where the company is helping Trucknetic with growth strategies and insights so that Trucknetic could become the one-stop solution for all the trucks in India.

Trucknetic aims to play a crucial role in India’s booming logistics sector and become the first platform in the world to provide any truck for any commodity from anywhere in the country.

Why choose us?

Trucknetic is a technology-first logistics firm that is changing the digital cargo sector by building a marketplace that connects shippers and carriers effectively utilizing artificial intelligence, automation, and other software services.

Trucknetic is undoubtedly revolutionizing mobility-as-a-service for commercial vehicles, altering digital transportation. Instead of returning empty-handed, the truck would be given a new load. We intend to decrease truck kilometer waste, boost equipment efficiency, eliminate brokers and carriers from the market, and digitize the essential documentation by deploying a vehicle monitoring system.


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